MY ALX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JOURNEY — Foundations Portfolio Project.

MY ALX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JOURNEY — Foundations Portfolio Project.

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Faith Ikhidero
·Mar 23, 2022·

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Project Name: Tazama Afrik

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Tazama Afrik is a website that provides information about the things you need to know about the African continent, especially where to spend a good vacation.

Our Team is made up of Faith Ikhidero, Obed Amoako and Oluwatobi Abass. We all participated in each aspect of the project. Our project currently relies heavily on the front end and some APIs to source relevant information.

My Story

For a long time now, I have always wanted to present the true beauty of Africa to the world. The African continent is so blessed with breathtaking nature that serves as a great atmosphere for tourism. With the recent events over the past couple of years, we all need a little time to get away from our normal routine and breath some fresh air somewhere else. There’s no better time to explore Africa than now, if you would like to experience something and some place new.

This is a shared passion with my team mates which birthed Tazama Afrik. Together, we will present the best of Africa to the world.

This project is a learning ground for us so we chose to use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, learning on the go and applying what we learn along the way.

Our project is still a working progress and we can't wait to learn new technologies to make more improvements.

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